Setting small goals in order to avoid getting overwhelmed

Because I am overwhelmed.

My therapist reminded me today that I’ve still lost 72lbs, but the fact that I have gained back 20 overwhelms me.  

The thought of losing that 20 again just seems impossible at times.

The more I concentrate on the big picture, the more I feel like I’m going to fail.

For example, I have sucked at logging my food for a while now.  I know that I more successful with my weight when I log my food.

I have now logged my food for 2 whole days.  I then get in my head that maybe I should set a goal to log for 30 days straight.  Then the fear and the freak out happens.

Why 30 days straight?  Why not immediately overwhelm myself and set myself up to fail.

My first goal is going to be 5 days straight.  Then once I reach that, I’ll go from there.

Same with my weight.  I’m going back to taking it 10lbs at a time.  I’m going to do my best to not even think about the next 10 until I get the first 10 off.

I’m continuing with my couch to 5K training.  I get really frustrated and overwhelmed that my intervals of running are not increasing they way they did pre-pneumonia.  Well I have to accept that pre-pneumonia, I didn’t have 20 extra pounds.

I have 18 days until my next race and hope to train on at least 15 of those days.

My next two 5Ks are not until September so that will give me plenty of time to get my intervals up even higher and maybe even run the whole thing.


About nancykerins

I am a 38 year full time working mother of one doing my best to get healthy. I had lapband surgery in November of 2010 and then had a revision to the vertical gastric sleeve in February 2012. The purpose of this blog is a therapeutic tool for me to work out my feelings and write about what is going on during this experience. If I can help others through this blog, that is just a bonus.
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