Found a cool retreat that I am going to sign up for

I am currently reading Women, Food and God by Geneen Roth.   What is nice about the book is it’s not a religious book.  When she talks about God, it’s all about spirituality and not about any specific religious belief.

In the book, she talks about the workshops she does.  So I checked out her website to see where they were, how much they cost, etc.  I have tried so many things, I was thinking that this might be something new to try.

I was excited to find out that she does have a workshop here in MA in September!  It’s at the Kripalu Center out in the Berkshires.

A friend of mine had been out to the Kripalu center for a weekend get away and has attended workshops there and loved it.  It’s someplace that I had been wanting to go anyway.

It is a little out of my comfort zone.  I am going to sign up for a shared room to save on some cost.  I can’t afford the rooms though with the private bath so I’m going to have the hall bath as well.  That isn’t a huge deal to me.  I’ve done that before in Europe and it’s only for two nights.

I’m a little nervous about sharing a room with a stranger.  My friend might go, but we talked about not sharing a room.  Even though she told me that it’s because it’s good to meet other people from the program.  She also mentioned that I can sign up for a snoring room.   I’m not dumb enough to realize that is part of the reason she wouldn’t want to share, but I also get it because it’s a retreat and a place to find yourself and relax and who wants to lose sleep while there?

The place is a little earthy/crunchy for me.  I enjoy yoga and stuff, but this is a little beyond me.    i think some of the "yoga dance" and evening entertainment might be a little much for me, but that is ok.  I can always sleep, read or find other ways to relax.

It is all inclusive though and the food they serve is very healthy at least.  My friend told me that it’s also very good and hard to resist as it’s buffet style.  The good news is though is it’s not available all day.  Meals are at certain times and that is it.

The timing is also good because my husband travels A LOT during June, July and August and by the time September comes around, I am going to need a little getaway.

I don’t want to wish my summer away, but I’m a bit ready to go now.  At least it’s something to look forward to!


About nancykerins

I am a 38 year full time working mother of one doing my best to get healthy. I had lapband surgery in November of 2010 and then had a revision to the vertical gastric sleeve in February 2012. The purpose of this blog is a therapeutic tool for me to work out my feelings and write about what is going on during this experience. If I can help others through this blog, that is just a bonus.
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One Response to Found a cool retreat that I am going to sign up for

  1. daa_zle says:

    I went by that center last year when I spent a few days in the Bershires! I think it’s sounds great!
    Are you still using your cpac?
    This is great to look forward to!

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