I didn’t even want to look at the scale this morning…

I forced myself too.

This weekend I was so out of control.  More out of control than I’ve been in general.

I gave into a craving at the movies and got a small popcorn, put extra butter on it and then added M&Ms.

Last night I ate a pint of Ben and Jerry’s after PB’ing some chinese food.  It was Mother’s day though.  I deserved it right?

I have a plan though.  I always do.

I did at least go to the store last night and buy things to make for lunches at work this week.  I have a nice, packed lunch with me today and I plan on sticking to that.

I downloaded some games onto my laptop to play while watching TV at night.  I seem to get into the games and time flies by.  Hopefully this will help me get out of the habit of night eating.

I see my surgeon on Thursday and definitely will get a fill.  I can still eat too much when I’m not even hungry.

I refuse to give up.


About nancykerins

I am a 38 year full time working mother of one doing my best to get healthy. I had lapband surgery in November of 2010 and then had a revision to the vertical gastric sleeve in February 2012. The purpose of this blog is a therapeutic tool for me to work out my feelings and write about what is going on during this experience. If I can help others through this blog, that is just a bonus.
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2 Responses to I didn’t even want to look at the scale this morning…

  1. lappymeal says:

    Don’t give up 🙂 A fill is going to make you feel much better.
    I’m getting one in June too.

  2. nwhiker says:

    Take some deep breaths, and remind yourself again that a) you have a plan and b) you’ve lost quite a bit of weight so far, and you can continue to do that.
    I know it drives me batty when others do it to me, so I KNOW I shouldn’t do it to you, but you’re coming up on that personal milestone of 50lbs, right? As in prime time for the doubts to creep back in and make things harder? (I’m at one too, so yeah.)
    Good luck!

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