Required Psychological Testing for Surgery

I just got back from it.

A lot of it felt like a therapy session. Getting asked questions about my eating issues and answering them as honestly as I can.

We talked a lot about binge eating as that is one of my issues. Other stuff about growing up, when I became overweight, is there any past trauma, etc.

Then I spent about an hour filling out all of these questionaires. A lot of them had the same questions over and over again. A lot of them involved drug and alcohol use and how I feel about myself.

Then she came back in and discussed what she is going to put in the report. She is going to clear me for surgery, but has one concern: my binge eating. She wants me to continue discussing it with my therapist and with nutrition.

I told her that was the reason that I wanted the surgery. If I could control myself on my own, then I wouldn’t need the surgery to lose weight.

It seems odd to me that the issue that is causing me to do the surgery is the reason for concern. I would think that the majority of people who are overweight enough to have the surgery would eat too much and make themselves overfull. I can’t be in the minority here.

Anyway, she isn’t going to stand in my way at least and I understand that she is just looking after my psychological health.

Next appointment is tomorrow at Heart and Wellness where I will discuss these findings with the nutritionist and also meet with the cardiologist.


About nancykerins

I am a 38 year full time working mother of one doing my best to get healthy. I had lapband surgery in November of 2010 and then had a revision to the vertical gastric sleeve in February 2012. The purpose of this blog is a therapeutic tool for me to work out my feelings and write about what is going on during this experience. If I can help others through this blog, that is just a bonus.
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